Chinese telecom operator China Unicom recently held its performance report meeting for 2018 and the company revealed that they planned to invest about CNY6 billion to CNY8 billion in 5G in 2019.

According to China Unicom's financial report, the company's planned total capital expense for 2019 is about CNY58 billion, including expense for 5G test. The company said that the year of 2019 is a start for 5G and it needs further technical test. After one-year test, they will decide the investment scale for the next year. If there is no opportunity for 5G investment in 2020, they will increase dividend.

Wang Xiaochu, chairman of China Unicom, said that China Unicom hopes to realize extensive cooperation with various industries. By resource sharing, cost sharing, and joint development, they will make profit and allocate it in accordance to resource investment.

Prior to this, China Unicom announced plans to implement 5G trial in 17 cities and each city will deploy 100 base stations. In the future, the company will select several cities and concentrate its capital for coverage completion in those cities. After that, they will allow various industires to carry out extensive tests in those cities to gain experience and promote the next step 5G exploration and development.


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