According to reports in foreign media, Kenya's largest mobile operator Safaricom agreed to implement cooperation with Alibaba's AliExpress to provide electronic payment service in local areas.

Under the agreement signed by the two parties, Safaricom's users can use M-Pesa mobile payment service outside Kenya, which will help the company build its M-Pesa system into a global platform. It is said that Safaricom has signed agreements with payment companies like Western Union and PayPal.

With the cooperation, AliExpress' users will be able to shop with M-Pesa. AliExpress previously stated that the company targets Kenya's small traders who purchase goods and other materials from China.

Sitoyo Lopokoiyit, CEO of Safaricom, said that the cooperation is another milestone. It not only means that Safaricom will promote M-Pesa to regions outside Kenya, but also shows that Kenya is participating in the international e-commerce market.

Sylvia Mulinge, chief customer officer of Safaricom, said that mobile payment accounted for about 30% of the operating revenue of Safaricom and it is expected to increase by 14% in the upcoming financial year. In Kenya, about 46% of international e-commerce transactions were completed via AliExpress.


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