According to reports in Chinese local media, Baidu recently announced plans to build a super-scale cloud computing center, which will be located in Xi'an National Civil Aerospace Industrial Base.

It is said that Baidu's cloud computing (Xi'an) center will be established into a super-scale cloud computing center featuring green energy saving and leading technologies.

This project park will have total areas of about 127 mu, covering computer room building, comprehensive office building, and affiliated building. With a total construction areas of about 90,000 square meters, its server capacity will be over 100,000 units. It will become Baidu's first self-constructed super-scale data center with over 100,000 servers in the western part of China

Baidu said that data center is the core infrastructure of cloud computing service and it is the key of scale and integrated development of cloud computing. The interaction of cloud and end customers needs to be realized via data center and its operating service. Baidu cloud computing (Xi'an) center will become a core cluster in western China and it will become an important node in Baidu's national transmission network, which will reach the entire western areas of China.


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