Chinese technology giant Huawei recently signed a cooperation agreement with Xiamen to officially launch its first Kunpeng industrial ecosystem base and supercomputing center in the city.

The Kunpeng ecosystem base project is based on a safe and reliable software and hardware development platform of Huawei. It aims to attract cooperation partners to jointly develop Kunpeng series of products and establish a Kunpeng industrial ecosystem.

According to Xu Zhijun, rotating chairman of Huawei, the company plans to invest CNY3 billion, which is about USD436 million, in the next five years on its ARM-based server CPU Kunpeng to enrich its own ecosystem. Based on the Kunpeng CPU, Huawei plans to cooperate with partners in the ecosystem to offer IT infrastructure and industrial applications to various industries, including big data platforms and cloud services.

Meanwhile, relying on the products and service abilities independently developed by Huawei, the new supercomputing center will use servers with Kunpeng CPU as the core, and introduce a domestic operating system and database system to provide end-to-end computing abilities to governments and state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises in Xiamen. The supercomputing center is expected to have a total scale of about CNY1.5 billion.


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