Huahong Group announced that its 12-inch wafer plant in Wuxi formally starts production and it mainly makes 55nm process special chips.

It is said that Huahong's Wuxi semiconductor factory started production on in April 2018. With an area of about 700 mu, the Huahong Wuxi IC development and manufacturing base has a total investment of USD10 billion. Its first phase project has a total investment of about USD2.5 billion and it will establish a 90-65/55nm IC product line with monthly capacity of about 40,000 wafers of 12-inch special process to support 5G and Internet of Things application.

The 55nm process is for special chip instead of the regular logic chip or memory chip. It is mainly used to produce power chip and fingerprint identification chip products.

The first phase project, which is now put into production, completed construction in the first half of 2019 and during the second half, it will complete purification plant construction and power and electromechanical equipment installation and gradually realize target output. It is expected to reach annual output value of CNY5 billion.

After the completion of the first phase project, Huahong will launch its second phase at a proper time.


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