Beijing Infinitas Interactive Media Co. Ltd recently announced the launch of new Renren app version 1.1.0, which resumed Renren's classmate relationship-oriented social network positioning and function, marking its formal return to the social market.

Renren is a well-known real-name social networking website in China. The website has accumulated 240 million real-name registered users since 2005 and it attracted thousands of universities and related organizations, including student organizations and official campus media, to open accounts and public homepages on the website.

At the end of 2018, Beijing Infinitas acquired Renren and implemented adjustments to the website. In October 2019, Infinitas started a small-scale test and divided Renren into two independent businesses, social network and live broadcast. The live broadcast service has a separate app, while the social network service developed a new Renren app.

At present, Renren app version 1.1.0 is available for download in various app stores.


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