and QQ Music jointly announced an in-depth strategic partnership and the two parties will implement cooperation in musician support, quality music promotion, and resource sharing.

With the cooperation, they will share quality music contents and musician resources from their respective platform and fully open the platforms to musicians, so as to realize mutual resource support. The two parties will also hold a series of joint online events, produce MVs for creators, and invite famous musicians for music re-arrange and album production.

In addition, the two parties will jointly launch offline exchange meetings and concerts in the future to offer more professional training and performance opportunities to musicians.

Commenting on the cooperation, Bilibili's vice chairman and COO Li Ni said that Bilibili has lots of talented music creators and music lovers who are enthusiastic about re-creation. QQ Music is a leading digital music platform in China and it has accumulated extensive experience in music copyright operation, record release, and musician support and promotion. The cooperation of the two parties will support the growth of talented musicians and benefit more music lovers.

Hou Deyang, vice president of Tencent Music Entertainment Group, said that the cooperation will bring more quality music contents and further promote the development of the industry.


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