According to information from Oppo, the Chinese smartphone maker recently joined Avanci, an Internet of Things patent licensing platform, and the company will provide essential patents for 3G and 4G mobile communication standards via Avanci.

Feng Ying, Oppo's senior director of intellectual property, said that Oppo has been committed to promoting the healthy development of the industry and they would like to offer their license portfolio basing on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms. They are glad to provide their essential patents for 3G and 4G mobile communication standards to IoT and connected car manufacturers via Avanci.

Kasim Alfalahi, founder and CEO of Avanci, said that Avanci balanced needs and benefits of patent owners and licensees with efficient license market solution, which allowed manufacturers like Oppo to gain reasonable income from their R&D investment.

Avanci is a patent licensing platform which provides one-stop solution to IoT manufacturers who use mobile communication technologies. The platform has provided related patent licensing to 14 connected car brands around the world. So far, Avanci has attracted 38 standard essential patent owners including Oppo.


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