China Telecom recently announced that the company had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Meituan Dianping.

According to the agreement, the two parties will use their respective resource advantages to implement cooperation in six major sectors, including 5G intelligent connection business and service, new retail O2O channel model innovation, enterprise service and Internet infrastructure construction, Internet of Things ecology, artificial intelligence, and capital operation.

Wang Guoquan, deputy general manager of China Telecom, said that external cooperation enhancement is a necessary measure for innovative development and core competitiveness improvement. At present, global consumer behaviors are changing and digitalization and internetization are the future trend. Innovative models like new retail are emerging and new technologies like 5G and edge computing are driving the transformation and upgrading of the information industry. China Telecom will follow the trend and promote its online sales service ability improvement and sales service digital transformation.

In their future cooperation, China Telecom and Meituan will focus on a customer-oriented concept to jointly launch products and services to meet customer demands.
China Telecom said that with the strategic cooperation, the two parties will further expand their cooperation space, enhance cooperation strength, improve strategic partnership, and create more cooperation achievements.


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