China Reading and Tencent Music Entertainment Group recently reached strategic cooperation and the two parties will work together to develop long audio work market.

According to their cooperation contents, China Reading will authorize Tencent Music Entertainment Group to make literature from China Reading platform into long audio books. The two parties can distribute those audio books to the world on their respective platform.

China Reading has a large number of quality contents, which lays a foundation for the creation of audio books and other entertainment and cultural derivatives.

Tencent Music Entertainment Group has over 800 million monthly active users and the group has strong content propaganda ability and music entertainment ecosystem. With the strategic cooperation, Tencent Music Entertainment Group will use its full platform to explore the long audio market and continue to create a diversified content system.

Wu Wenhui, CEO of China Reading, said that by cooperating with Tencent Music Entertainment Group, China Reading will not only expand their audio book library, but also will enlarge their content user group. In addition, it is a business model innovation of China Reading's quality copyright contents.


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