Chinese smartphone brand Oppo recently announced that its Western Europe headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany is officially launched.

With the strategy of "brand globalization and operation localization", Oppo established its Western Europe headquarters in Germany to enhance its local ability in this marketplace. In the future, Oppo's Western Europe headquarters will continue to integrate regional resources, improve local refined operation, and better serve the local market.

In June 2018, Oppo launched Find X to develop the European market. With two years development, the company has entered France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany. In the European region, Oppo's sales increased by over 1000% in the first quarter of 2020.

Since its entry into Europe, Oppo has reached cooperation with Orange and Vodafone. In May 2020, Oppo and Vodafone jointly announced to sign a cooperation agreement to establish a full partnership. Oppo's full lines of smartphone products will be available in Vodafone's European market from May 2020 and will implement gradual expansion.

Maggie Xue, president of Oppo Western Europe, said that they are glad to announce the formal launch of Western Europe headquarters in Dusseldorf. They are proud of their achievements so far. They believe that the establishment of the Western Europe headquarters will allow them to better activate regional resources to further improve their support to the regional country markets. Facing severe market competition, they will maintain a stable development to become a leading player in the Western European mobile phone market.


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