On 14 July 2021, the Standing Committee of Shenzhen People’s Congress released the “Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on Promoting the Artificial Intelligence Industry (Draft)” (hereinafter “the Regulations”, ????????????????(??)) for public comment until 30 July 2021. The Regulations intends to provide a clear definition of artificial intelligence (AI), in which the AI refers to the ability to research and develop the theories, methods, technologies and applications to simulate, extend and expand human intelligence by studying and analyzing the collected external data, perceiving the environment, acquiring knowledge and deducing on the computers or its controlled device via the artificial methods and technologies. The Regulations also sets out to establish prudential regulation rules for AI. According to the Regulations, the municipal government and its relevant authorities shall exercise inclusive and prudent supervision over the artificial intelligence industry in accordance with the principle of encouraging innovation. The corresponding regulation rules and standards should be formulated in light of the characteristics of new technologies, new industries, new business types and new modes of artificial intelligence. Cover Photo by Mabel Pines https://unsplash.com/@pepeo on Unsplash