The new action-adventure role-playing work “Asterigos: Lost City” developed by the Taiwanese game team ACME Gamestudio was first revealed at the Tokyo Game Show today, and is expected to be officially released in TGS 2021. “Asterigos: Lost City” is a new combat adventure created by Unreal Engine 4. The story describes a young and brave Northern Wind Legion female warrior “Hilda” who came to the mysterious ancient city “Aves” in search of her missing father. “At the same time, we are faced with the challenges of various dangerous enemies. According to official information, Hilda can use different weapons such as swords and shields, double-edged blades, short guns, sledgehammers, wands, and wrist guards in the game. Each weapon has its own fighting style, allowing players to use their specialties to fight. Avus is inspired by classical Greece and the Roman Empire. Here, Hilda will find out the truth about the rise and fall of the city’s history, encounter dangerous boss fights, face many difficult points of disagreement, and find his father. The process of making decisions that affect the destiny of an entire country. “Asterigos: Lost City” is expected to be available on PS4 and PS5 consoles in 2022. Detailed information will be released at this TGS 2021 Tokyo Game Show. Interested players can see Game official website ? .