China limits in-game spending for minors to just $30 a month

The Chinese government further restricts gaming by capping the amount of money minors can spend on microtransactions and games.

The People's Republic of China lays more restrictions and regulations on video games, this time aimed at protecting minors.

The Chinese government has passed new mandates that limit how much minors can spend on games. According to China Press , minors 8 and under are forbidden from spending money in-game or buying video games of any kind. Minors 8-16 of age can only spend 200 RMB (about $30) a month on video games–including full games and in-game purchases. Minors must load currency into special accounts that are monitored by officials in order to buy games.

Consumers 16-18 years old are capped at 400 RMB (roughly $60) a month for games, and China will have a reporting tip line to report video games companies that violate the mandate. The move comes as China squeezes the games industry with tighter regulations aimed at reducing video game play time and spending. Just recently the country passed laws limiting young citizens to just 3 hours of gaming a week.

Parents in China praise the new rules as children focus more on other tasks instead of entertainment.

Meanwhile Tencent, the world's biggest video games company, continues raking in billions on gaming every quarter thanks to its wide range of wholly-owned companies and game development subsidiaries.

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