FCC expels China Telecom Americas from the U.S., citing Chinese government control

Federal Communications Commission today [Voted to block](//www.fcc.gov/document/fcc-revokes-china-telecom-americas-telecom-services-authority) China Telecom Americas in the US market states that “the US subsidiary of a Chinese state-owned enterprise” is “subject to exploitation, impact and control by the Chinese government.” “Telephone companies are likely to be forced to comply with the Chinese government’s demands without adequate legal proceedings under the supervision of an independent judiciary,” the FCC said.

The vote was 4-0, with both Democrats and Republicans approving orders to revoke and terminate China Telecom. [Section 214](//www.fcc.gov/general/transfer-control) Authority to operate in the United States. The FCC said the order “instructs China Telecom Americas to discontinue domestic or international services provided in accordance with the authority of Article 214 within 60 days of the release of the order.”

The FCC pointed out that “the change in the national security environment for China since the Commission allowed China Telecom America to provide telecommunications services in the United States almost 20 years ago.” The company’s “ownership and control by the Chinese government is a significant state by providing China Telecom Americas, its parent company, and the Chinese government with the opportunity to access, store, suspend, and / or take the wrong route to U.S. communications. It increases the risk of security and law enforcement. Turn allows them to engage in espionage and other harmful activities against the United States. ”

China Telecom makes “inaccurate remarks” about data storage and security

The FCC has since launched a review of China Telecom. [The Department of Justice recommended ending the company’s approval in April 2020](//www.justice.gov/opa/pr/executive-branch-agencies-recommend-fcc-revoke-and-terminate-china-telecom-s-authorizations) .. The Justice Department at the time did not follow China Telecom’s 2007 agreement with the Justice Department and “issued an inaccurate statement to U.S. government officials about where China Telecom kept U.S. records and who could access them. I wondered if that was the case. ” “Records” and “Inaccurate public statements … questioning China Telecom’s compliance with federal and state cybersecurity and privacy laws regarding its cybersecurity practices.”

The FCC today said, “China Telecom Americas’ actions and statements to the Commission and other U.S. agencies undermine the baseline-level credibility that the Commission and other U.S. agencies require from telecommunications carriers. It shows a lack of gender and reliability, given the important nature of the provision of telecommunications services in the United States. “

The China Telecom Americas website primarily promotes telecom and networking services for businesses. [To tell](//www.ctamericas.com/company/company-overview/) Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, with offices in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and San Jose.China Telecom’s US subsidiary [Provides mobile services](//www.ctamericas.com/products-services/mobile-services/) Called [CTExcel](//www.ctamericas.com/china-telecom-big-us-plan/) However, the US mobile market is dominated by Verizon, AT & T, and T-Mobile. The FCC told US customers who needed to switch mobile providers, “Consumption explaining this action and other options consumers may consider for mobile services after the order is released. We will issue a consumer guide. “

We asked China Telecom Americas if they plan to challenge the FCC’s order today. I will update this article if I get a reply. “The FCC’s decision is disappointing. We will continue to serve our customers while pursuing all available options.” [The company told Reuters](//www.reuters.com/business/media-telecom/fcc-votes-terminate-china-telecom-americans-authority-provide-us-services-2021-10-26/) ..

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