This week we share a letter from a reader we received in recent weeks.

Question: In an issue last month someone asked about Dell's replacement policy. You are very eager to show that Dell is a great company but I have only had bad things from them and bad quality service. I ordered an Inspiron laptop last December, and it's still covered by the warranty but Dell won't answer my support emails about a faulty drive. In the USA, there is an organization called Better Business Bureau that could help me with bad companies. Is there the same in China? I need someone to help me with Dell.

Answer: Not all can attest to the same level of satisfaction, and it's too bad Dell has not provided you what you wanted. However, instead of you having to contact Michael Dell directly, there is an organization in Beijing called HD315 that can assist with consumer complaints. Along with famous Chinese consumer activists like Wang Hai, HD315 can help you with companies (large and small) who have short-changed clients or not provided contracted services. Contact them at or call them at 12315. at let us know in the future how things turn out.


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