Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. (WWK), a cost & productivity management software and consulting services company, announced today that it has licensed its full software suite to S.Y. Technology Engineering and Construction Co., a subsidiary of the China Electronics Engineering Design Institute (CEEDI).

The software suite covers cost of ownership (COO), overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), capacity analysis, product costing, profitability and return on investment (ROI) analysis, and full factory simulation for inventory and cycle time optimization.

S.Y. Technology and Construction Company has completed a large number of international projects for prestigious companies such as Intel, Grace Semiconductor, AMD, Dupont, Hana Microelectronics, and STMicroelectronics. Established in 1953, China Electronics Engineering Design Institute (CEEDI) is a sizeable and comprehensive engineering construction enterprise registered with the State Administration of Industry and Commerce and one of the 10 key companies of survey and design directly under the State Council. CEEDI has more than 1100 employees located in 10 offices throughout China.

Being guided by the philosophy of scientific and technological innovation, based on a people-oriented design concept in conformity with international practices and the flexible utilization of new techniques, CEEDI has been well received among clients both domestic and overseas. Its services for a large number of national key projects have well established the CEEDI brand name and won high recognition. CEEDI is well on its way towards becoming a top ranked international engineering firm and noted in the world's engineering circle.

With more than 2,800 users worldwide, Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. is the largest privately held operational cost management company serving technology-dependent and technology-driven companies. WWK maintains long-term relationships with prominent industry resources including International SEMATECH, SELETE, Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), and national labs and universities. Its client base includes most of the top 10 semiconductor manufacturers and equipment and materials suppliers as well as leaders in thin film record heads, magnetic media, flat panel displays, and solar panels.

WWK's product line includes TWO COOL for detailed process step level cost of ownership (COO) and overall equipment efficiency (OEE), PRO COOL for process flow and test cell costing, Factory Commander for full factory capacity analysis and activity based costing, and Factory Explorer for cycle time reduction and WIP planning. Additionally, WWK offers a highly flexible product management software package that helps sales forces eliminate errors in product configuration and quotation processes.


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