Carsem announced today that they completed the construction of their Carsem-Suzhou Ltd. facility, located in the province of Jiangsu, 50 miles (80 km) west of Shanghai.

The new factory is 172K sq. ft. (16K sq. m.) and is located on 430K sq. ft. (40K sq. m) of land in the Suzhou Industrial Park. The construction started in April 2003 and was completed in January this year. The initial staff was hired during the second quarter of 2003 and extensive training has already begun in Carsem's existing Malaysian factories. The assembly and test equipment to support the manufacture of the MLP (Micro Leadframe Package) Quad and Dual family will be installed during the first quarter of 2004. Customer qualifications will begin during the later part of the first quarter and the factory will be in full production by the end of the second quarter of 2004.

Carsem is a provider of turnkey packaging and test services to the semiconductor industry, and offers one of the widest ranges of package & test portfolios in the world. Carsem's portfolio includes several advanced technologies, such as the Micro Leadframe Package (MLP), Small Scale Ball Grid Array (SSBGA), Flip Chip On Leadframe (FCOL), and a SiP (System-in-Package) capability. Carsem also offers a full range of turnkey test services for RF, mixed-signal, linear, digital and power devices.


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