A new computer game–IGI2: Covert Strike, which depicts a mercenary fighting three campaigns in the former Soviet Union, Libya and China–has been banned by Chinese regulators, who are accusing the game's creators of smearing the image of China and its armed forces.

The main cause for contention appears to the background of the Chinese campaign, in which a mercenary steals intelligence, engages in sabotage and shoots at Chinese soldiers while images of China's national flag are displayed on screen. China's State Press and Publication Administration (SPAA), which regulates the computer gaming industry, was not amused. The SPAA has banned the game, claiming it intentionally smeared the image of China and its armed forces. All copies of the game are now illegal.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, the SPAA also plans to punish the developers, producers and sellers of the game "according to the law." IGI2: Covert Strike was developed by Innerloop Studios AS in Oslo, Norway, and distributed by English company, The Codemasters Software.


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