CyberLink Corp., a Taiwan-based developer of digital video software and training solutions, introduced today InstantMPEG, technology that saves hard disk space and time during real-time conversion of digital video (DV) into MPEG files.

InstantMPEG is the encoding technology that is used in PowerDirector 3 and PowerProducer 2 Gold. InstantMPEG takes DV camcorder video and converts it into MPEG formats in real-time, without needing to transfer the video into AVI format first.

With AVI files noticeably larger than MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files, InstantMPEG lets users save hard disk space after the conversion process. And because video is directly transferred into MPEG format, users also save time by eliminating the traditional step of needing to convert files from AVI to MPEG after capturing.

PowerDirector 3 is "from start to finish" video-editing software that provides a way for both advanced and entry-level users to create eye-catching movies. By offering a dual-mode timeline and storyboard user-interface with a broad range of new movie production features, PowerDirector 3 ensures moving editing is easy too. New technologies in version 3 include CyberLink's fourth generation MPEG engine to help maintain source video quality, SVRT 2 to render the edited video or audio individually for better quality and reduced production times, and DV QuickScan to quickly select and capture specific video segments without manually positioning the tape.


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