Analogix Semiconductor has announced that Huawei-3Com Co., a recently formed joint venture between one of China's largest telecom companies and a leading U.S. networking vendor, will use Analogix's high-speed communications ICs in its next-generation networking equipment.

Huawei-3Com is the first major customer for Analogix, a startup company today introducing its initial products. The Silicon Valley-based Analogix also has a development team in Beijing.

Huawei-3Com plans to incorporate Analogix's D-PHY family of 5- and 10-gigabit-per-second physical-layer transceivers (SerDes) ICs into switch and router products now under development. The D-PHY family, which includes both backplane and system-to-system serial interconnect products, uses advanced digital signal processing (DSP) techniques to eliminate the signal integrity problems that characterize high-speed data transmission over copper media.


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