Edward Zeng, International Coordinator for China's National RFID Tag Standards Working Group and CEO of SparkiceLab, and Professor Ken Sakamura, Chairman of Japan's T-Engine Forum, the founder of the forum and father of uID, RFID technology, recently signed an agreement that will allow SparkiceLab Inc. to establish China's first and only Ubiquitous ID (uID) Center.

SparkiceLab is working as a neutral partner to develop a globally interoperable, open platform for the world's RFID standards. As a neutral partner, SparkiceLab is also working to develop pilot programs with other European and US originated standards. The China uID center will test T-Engine Forum developed uID technology with a series of pilots on different commercial applications. Results of the pilot testing will be presented to China's RFID Tag Standards Working Group for evaluation and potential acceptance as a national standard.

T-Engine Forum is a consortium of Japanese and multinational companies. Leading Japanese companies, as well powerful international players such as Hitachi, IBM, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems are board members of the forum. While anyone can freely access the uID open source kernel to develop applications, only dues-paying, T-Engine Forum member companies can guide the development of the core technology and its standards. The uID technology, which was demonstrated by Mr. Sakamura after the agreement was signed, is a leading RFID technology that can be used in a wide variety of commercial applications. Tiny microchips powered by this technology can be used to track physical objects and, with 128-bit capacity, it can identify and store information about them.


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