Lenovo Group announced yesterday that it would adopt AMD-64-digit chips for some of its PC computers.

Having been a diehard client of Intel for years, Lenovo's act has caused ripples in the industry although the company is just planning to use the chips for a small part of its products. Lenovo has, until now, been one of the few manufacturers refusing the adoption of AMD chips. However, with the "submission" of other competitors such as HP, Dell, Founder, Unisplendor, Tongfang and Amoi , AMD's position appears to have become increasingly powerful.

Analysts are viewing Lenovo's move as tentative, suggesting that the company does not wish to offend Intel too much, hence the decision only to introduce the AMD-64-digit chips to its "Feng Xing" product series, a range of high-end products oriented to individual users rather than commercially used computers or servers as was rumored earlier. As a result, Lenovo is still the only enterprise to decline the application of AMD chips on severs.


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