Ex world champion Zhu Chen suffered her second loss to the 64-bit Star of Unisplendour this weekend.

In game one the Chinese girl had dominated, in game two it was the machine all the way. Zhu Chen, who is studying for her master's degree in Qinghua University, and is also expecting her first child, took on the pride of the sponsor Qinghua Unisplendour, which sports an advanced AMD 64 bit 3400+ CPU and 2 GB RAM. The program blazing away on this machine was Fritz 8, which thrived not just on the speed but also on the 64-bit registers of the processor.

The combination Unisplendour + Fritz was having a spot of trouble against the ex world champion on Tuesday, when Zhu took a pawn and was looking for a win. Unfortunately she pressed too hard, committed the inevitable little error and was mercilessly punished by the machine.

In game two, staged on Saturday, "the computer played an almost perfect game" (as China View reports) to win in 33 moves. "The pregnant Zhu struggled to revenge her first loss to the computer on Tuesday, but lost control of the game after making several mistakes."


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