Prague-based ITonis and China's iOcean have forged a joint venture to develop and operate an IPTV service in Shandong.

ITonis is a developer of Video on Demand and IPTV solutions. The company says it has developed a video over IP solution for video content owners and video content distributors that would enable the viewer to see a favorite national or local TV programs from anywhere in the world through a set-top box connected to a TV or through a computer. ITonis will bring its software and technical know-how into the project.

Nicolas Lavaud, ITonis' president, says, "iOcean brings unique local knowledge and expertise on the Chinese market. With ITonis technology, we have all the components of a winning team that can revolutionize the whole television market in China. Video services will come first but there is more to come."

No details about ownership structure of the joint venture were released in the companies' statement.


  1. I am wondering whether to buy ITonis stocks. When do you think ITonis will conquer the world with its new projects? I am thinking about buying now or not buying at all. What do you think?

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