ChinaECNet announced today the first successful transactional data exchange of e-Hub established in conjunction with Global eXchange Services (GXS).

The transaction data exchange, based on RosettaNet standards, is between China's top telecommunication equipment manufacturer, FiberHome and Avnet Asia (AVT). This real-time exchange has allowed both FiberHome and Avnet Asia to link their ERP systems for material procurement and planning, thereby enabling both companies to realize efficiencies through time and cost savings associated with data handling.

Purchase order requests from FiberHome's ERP system are sent directly to Avnet Asia's ERP system via e-Hub platform base on RosettaNet standard PIP 3A4. The order is then immediately processed by Avnet Asia by directly interfacing with their inventory availability information. A Purchase Order Acknowledgment is then generated and fed back to FiberHome via e-Hub platform accordingly.


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