Win Win Gaming Inc., a Las Vegas-based international lottery and gaming operations company, announced today that it entered into an agreement with Shanghai VSAT Network Systems Co. Ltd. to provide China Welfare Lottery games and other related entertainment content for mobile phones and other wireless devices throughout Shanghai.

Shanghai VSAT Co. Ltd., one of the largest satellite communications system providers in Shanghai, has an exclusive agreement with the China Welfare Lottery government agency to provide Shanghai Welfare-Based lottery games for mobile phones and wireless applications throughout the Shanghai metropolitan area. China Mobile and China Unicom, the two largest wireless service providers in Shanghai, reported a combined total of more than 11 million subscribers in the Shanghai metro area in 2003.

Win Win anticipates that its rollout of wireless lottery and related gaming and entertainment content for mobile phones will grow from its initial phase in Shanghai. Following successful testing of the product mix in Shanghai, Win Win anticipates the opportunity to expand wireless content into other areas of mainland China.

In the June 9, 2004, edition of the Shanghai Daily newspaper, it was reported that revenues from the handset/mobile phone game market are predicted to double from 2003 totals up to 600 million CNY ($72.3 million USD) in 2004. As of April 2004, the two largest mobile phone service providers in China, China Mobile and China Unicom, reported a combined total of more than 250 million customers.


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