Representatives of Qinghai Mobile and Tibet Mobile say that after the second phase of construction, GSM will cover more than 95% of the entire Qinghai-Tibet railway and passengers and residents along the railway will be able to enjoy the great convenience brought by this advanced technology.

At present, passengers are able to send and receive short messages, receive phone calls and take photos with their mobile phones on most sections of the railway.

Zheng Aijun, general manager of Qinghai Mobile, says that his company has set up 18 base stations along the line between Ge'ermu and Tanggula Mountain range, making communication signals cover over 80% of the railway.

Zhu Dasun, deputy general manager from Tibet Mobile, says that Tibet Mobile has built 21 new base stations after the network coverage project was initiated and has made the total base station number reach 41, covering more than 85% of the railway.

Mobile network coverage project along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway is difficult work because it is constructed on the world's highest plateau with some of the harshest natural environments.


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