Henan's First Pornographic Website has been officially closed by order of the Henan Tanghe People's Court.

A Mr. Wang and Mr. Hui who came to know each other in an online chat room, co-designed a website of their own named "Nan Yang Zhi Lian" (Love in Nanyang) in July 2003. Later in April 2004, they bought web space and applied for a domain name, changing their website name to 'Lianlian Nanfeng". In order attract more people to visit their website, they used different nicknames and posted large quantities of erotic films and pictures on the website.

Henan Tanghe People's Court believes that the two have committed a serious crime, spreading pornographic information, however the court has announced that, taking into consideration their good behavior in the face their wrong doings, they will each only be detained for three months as punishment. The website will be closed down.


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