Qiao Xing Universal Telephone (Nasdaq: XING) announced today that soon after the deal with BellSouth's supplier in July 2004, its subsidiary, Hui Zhou Qiao Xing Communication Industry Ltd, secured on September 10, its first order from Curtis International to purchase 41,388 units of 5.6G cordless telephones.

Shipment is expected to commence in October 2004. Curtis International is a Canada-based company that has been specializing in the distribution of consumer electronics products across North America.

In August 1995, Qiao Xing became one of the first telephone manufacturers in China to receive the ISO 9001 Quality System Accreditation award. The Company currently distributes over 200 models of corded and cordless telephones through a network of 5,000 retail stores throughout China. In May 2002, Qiao Xing's 80% owned subsidiary Qiao Xing Mobile Communication Company acquired a 65% interest in CEC Telecom Ltd (CECT), which was formally approved by all the necessary government authorities on 8 Feb 2003.


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