An employee of Shenzhen-based Julong Company is reportedly about to bring Yahoo to court in southern China for misrepresentation about Yahoo's online paid services.

Julong says that in late October, their human resources manager, a Mr. Wu, logged into Yahoo's website and paid the equivalent of CNY240 with the manager's personal Visa credit card to place a job classified ad online. However after not seeing the ad appear for several days, the manager received an email from Overture–Yahoo's affiliate–asking him to call a special phone number in China for customer service. However the phone number did not appear to be in operation when the Julong employee tried to phone to complain.

Finally the Julong employee phoned Yahoo in the United States and learned that the service would not be implemented in China until March 2005.

Although Yahoo has agreed to investigate the matter and refund the money, the Julong employee is planning to sue Yahoo to have the international web company issue an apology to him on its front page and to have Yahoo stop promoting the service in China, until it becomes available.


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