AsiaInfo (ASIA) announced that it has signed a contract with Beijing Mobile, a branch of China Mobile, to implement phase II upgrades to the carrier's Operational Customer Relationship Management (OCRM) system, China's first telecommunications OCRM system.

Beijing Mobile's new OCRM system will improve customer satisfaction through enhancements in handling and tracking of sales orders, customer requests, quotations, credit checks and other related data, further strengthening the carrier's business support capabilities for both individual and enterprise customers. Following the upgrades, Beijing Mobile's OCRM system will link with its business operation support system (BOSS) while continuing to use the carrier's existing decision support system (DSS). The phase II upgrades will significantly enhance the carrier's marketing activities through expansion of the system's ability to collect and interpret information.

Xingsheng Zhang, president and Chief Executive Officer of AsiaInfo noted, "This upgrade allows Beijing Mobile to strengthen their operations and differentiate their services through a more finely tuned enterprise platform. Going forward, this project will continue to showcase the benefits that AsiaInfo's software solutions can offer Chinese enterprises."

The company noted that AsiaInfo was awarded the phase II upgrade contract following its successful cooperation with Beijing Mobile during the carrier's phase I implementation of its OCRM system.


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