Motorola (MOT) has just won two corporate social responsibility awards in China: the Best Corporate Citizenship Practice and the Most Influential Multinational in China.

Motorola was awarded the Best Corporate Citizenship Practice in the 2004 China Best Corporate Citizenship Practice Selection campaign sponsored by the 21st Century Newspaper Group. Motorola received the award for such initiatives as donating to the Hope Project and training local suppliers and partners.

In the past decade, Motorola has donated approximately CNY30 million to the Hope Project, a nationwide campaign to support the education of poor children.

Since 1998, in cooperation with the State Development and Reform Commission of China, Motorola has offered management training courses to more than 4,000 managers from 1,000 state-owned companies in 26 province across the country.

In a survey conducted by the China Business News Network, China Business Daily, China International Intellectech Corp and Horizon Research Group, Motorola was named the Most Influential Multinational in China in 2004. Motorola ranked high on all survey parameters, including corporate image, internal process, market competitiveness, financial health, human resources, leadership, corporate culture, management system and crisis management. The survey covered industry experts, general public and employees of multinational companies in China.


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