The iResource Centre (iRC) at Cyberport, Hong Kong's IT flagship, has announced that has been launched for the creative industries in HK to protect and distribute digital contents.

Two main services will be provided on the unified platform: Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Digital Safe. The DRM service will be based on International Organization for Standardization (ISO) approved system for interoperability. With this platform, content creators, large or small, can utilize the latest international-standard DRM solutions with minimum efforts and investments to distribute contents on these fast-growing e-channel and super-distribution model. In the near future, this platform also provides the Digital Safe service for the content creators to archive their works safely, permanently and easily.

To promote public awareness of intellectual property protection, RTHK has announced to provide the highlights of "Solar Project Surround 5.1 Solar Drama" for legitimate free public download on the platform. Content can be freely shared and distributed on peer-to-peer networks. Users must provide a valid email address to acquire a license from the platform to enjoy the Surround 5.1 Radio Drama. will further provide content protection service for various kinds of digital content, in particular the audiovisual content. Digital content purchase and content upload service for SMEs will be provided in July 2005.


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