Taiwan's TSMC's (TSM) newly announced revenue and net income for the quarter ended June 30, 2005, show revenue reached NT$58.52 billion.

Fully diluted earnings per share came to NT$18.37 billion and NT$0.74 per share (US$0.12 per ADS unit), respectively.

On a sequential basis, second quarter results represent a 5.1% increase in revenue, a 9.2% increase in net income and fully diluted EPS. Year-over-year comparison shows decreases in revenue, net income, and fully diluted EPS to be 9.8%, 21.5%, and 21.3%, respectively.

The 5.1% increase in second quarter revenue mainly resulted from a 14.5% increase in wafer shipments and a 5.4% decline in average wafer selling price (ASP).

Gross margin for the second quarter improved to 39.7% from the previous quarter's 38.9%, due to higher levels of capacity utilization, but a lower ASP partially reduced the magnitude of the improvement.

Revenues from advanced process technologies (0.13-micron and below) accounted for 43% of total wafer sales, compared to 45% previously. Net margin for the quarter improved to 31.4% from 30.2% in the last quarter.


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