MCI (MCIP) is expanding Internet DSL access services in Asia Pacific countries. Now multinational companies with operations in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, and Singapore can utilize high-speed, always-on broadband access to connect their remote office locations.

Until now, MCI offered DSL service in Australia only.

MCI's new DSL access option helps enterprise customers connect their Asia Pacific offices enabling them to more easily collaborate and access company information via cost-effective connections. These solutions complement MCI's IP access suite of services already available in these countries and are ideal for companies that want high-speed access but do not require traditional leased line Internet connectivity.

MCI is offering broadband services locally through its agreements with several regional providers, including Pacific Internet Ltd for connectivity in Thailand, the Philippines, and Hong Kong; and China Netcom for China. MCI's new DSL services are available immediately with service in China and Singapore coming online in September.

In China, MCI will offer Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) service to most major metropolitan areas across all provinces. The service will be available at speeds of 512 Kpbs for downloading content and 128 Kbps for uploading files and other content.


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