A website that tries to copy the look and feel of Hainan Airlines' own website in order to steal money from unsuspecting users has been located, but has still not been shutdown by local law enforcement authorities.

Hainan Airlines representatives told local media that the layout of the false website at hn-air.com is the same with that of Hainan Airlines' own site at hnair.com. The counterfeit website even uses the logo of Hainan Airlines.

But when examined in detail, the design of the false website is rougher than the real one and there is no electronic ticketing service system or travel management service. Additionally, there is a QQ and MSN on number on the website, which is not usually used on normal e-commerce websites.

This false website has been attempting to attract passengers with a great discount of 65% off regularly priced tickets. But Hainan Airlines says someone made the website to steal money from users and the airline is hoping that its passengers are not tricked into going to that site.

It is still unclear what sort of legal options Hainan Airlines can pursue, though the use of the airline's trademark without permission can constitute an illegal activity.


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