Enterprises around the world will soon be able to access WAPI technology that was previously only offered to a few Chinese enterprises.

China's State Code Administration (SCA) says it will soon publish the encryption computing methods to be used in WAPI technology.

A representative from SCA has told local media that the SCA has already given participating Chinese enterprises including Lenovo, Huawei and ZTE the details for the standard. The next step will be to open it to the public so worldwide partners can view the encryption computing implementation methods.

The Chinese supervision department signed agreements with 24 domestic manufacturers at the beginning of 2004, authorizing them to use the WAPI technology, and asking other businesses who want to access the technology to cooperate with these specified enterprises.

SCA's decision in announcing the encryption computing technology should attract more enterprises to participate in the technology.

It is assumed in China that the SAC will enact compulsive use of WAPI technology, which it hopes to become an international standard.


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