Broadwing Communications and Hutchison Global, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited (HTX), announced the joint establishment of a new inter-carrier international Ethernet network.

"Large enterprises around the world continue to expand their reach and require their networks to evolve in concert with them," stated Mike Smith, co-founder and managing director of research with Stratecast Partners, a division of Frost & Sullivan. "The new Broadwing/HGC solution provides a significant and compelling means for enterprises to expand their Ethernet and VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) networks, which are already very prevalent in the Pacific Rim, between US and Asia-Pacific locations in a seamless and cost effective manner."

Following the success of its inter-carrier Ethernet expansion in South Korea and Taiwan, HGC has established interconnections with Broadwing to extend the reach of this Pan Asian VPLS network into the United States via Broadwing's new Converged Services Network.

The reciprocal relationship enables international customers to connect multipoint Ethernet services from locations served in Asia by HGC, its Asian partners and others, with multipoint Ethernet circuits in the United States. The network, driven by Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) technology, offers users multipoint international Ethernet services and enables enterprises to create a global Ethernet network in a simple, flexible and cost-effective manner.

Broadwing and HGC have already validated the demand for the new Trans-Pacific Ethernet solution by completing a 6Mbps, Taiwan to California, Ethernet circuit for a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of computer peripherals. Broadwing and HGC installed the end-user connection only days after the primary interconnection was completed and it has operated to the customer's satisfaction ever since.

HGC and their partners have deployed metro Ethernet technology over their state-of-the-art networks within Asia to create a Pan-Asian VPLS network. The addition of Broadwing to the provider mix extends this service into a multi-continental WAN, spanning the Pacific Ocean to provide a compelling option for international business solutions. The service is delivered to user-enterprises as a "plug-and-play" Ethernet interface, meaning no additional investment in hardware equipment is required in Asia or America.


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