Nanjing-based Sample Group has entered into a strategic partnership with Intel to build an RFID research and development center in China.

The Intel-Sample RFID R&D Promotion Center will initially work on applications to be used in airline luggage management systems, storage management systems and sea transportation container positioning management systems.

The center willI interact with the other Intel RFID Centers in the rest of world and combine Sample Group's advantages in custom logistics to provide enterprise-level RFID solutions.

Started in 1993, Sample Group was the first privately-owned high-tech enterprise in Nanjing.


  1. Sir,
    Is Nanjing based Sample Group a competitor to RC Group? are they bigger, smaller? could they become a target for RC Group?
    Has the recent pull back in the markets following the speculation in the Shanghai Exchange, had any adverse impact on RC Group's future revenues or earnings?

    John Tipple

    John Tipple


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