Chinese online search engine (BIDU) has launched a postal code search service in cooperation with the Address Information Center of the China Postal Administration.

With this service users can find 37823 post codes in 354 cities across China, as well as other relevant postal information.

This is the second exclusive service that Baidu has launched through cooperating with a government institution. In April 2005, Baidu released a Yellow Pages search through a strategic partnership with China Telecom.

The Address Information Center of the China Postal Administration is responsible for the construction, maintenance, operation and promotion of address information databases as well as the operation and management of the address information system in China.


  1. Am I the only person in the world who can't but would like to be able to use the number 100004 to figure out where 1,1 Jan Guo Wen Wai Avenue is? No wonder they can't believe anyone possibly be as stupid as we claim to be when "precision bombing" the wrong locations…


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