A week after its competitor Taobao.com announced its entry into the B2C market, Chinese online auction website eBay Eachnet has now launched its own B2C business.

Martin Wu, CEO of eBay Eachnet, says the B2C business of his company is different from the existing B2C websites in that it does not handle any logistics. According to Wu, the 70 brand agents and dealers who have signed contracts with eBay Eachnet will be responsible for their own goods supply, goods delivery and after-sales service.

In addition, a representative from eBay Eachnet says that all the sellers in this new area called Brand Flagship Special Zone will follow the Chinese government's after-sales regulations on repairing, exchanging and returning of goods.

Wu also says this special zone should not impact the smaller sellers already selling on eBay Eachnet.


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