Google's (GOOG) China website and have jointly announced that the two companies will launch a music search service in the integrated searching functions of

This is the first time for Google to offer music search engine services anywhere the world.

As one of the first music-related websites in China solely supported by advertising, offers free listening and downloading services of genuine music. Based on the contents of and the search technologies of, the new music search function will hopefully bring direct advertising revenue to and the music companies that offer the music resources to the website.

The trial version of the music search function launched this time covers tens of thousands of Chinese songs from more than 100 record companies. When netizens enter information such as the name of a singer, the name of a song or the name of an album in the search box of, genuine music from these record companies will appear on the top of the search results.

Dr. Kaifu Lee, president of Google Greater China, says that the cooperation creates a new business model, which is to offer a legal channel for genuine music by advertising sharing between and the record companies. With its own searching technologies and user group, Google will bring a new product function, a new experience and a large user group to

Chen Ge, CEO of, says this cooperative profit model offers a win-win platform for its participants: the users will get free genuine music; the record companies can protect their copyrights; and will gain new users and improve its search functions.


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