China Telecom (CHA) has expanded the core capacity of its ChinaNet Next Carrying Network (CN2), enabling CN2's Juniper Networks (JNPR) M- and T-series routers to support an increasing number of network edge devices and applications.

Since November 2004, China Telecom has deployed Juniper routers as the only routing platforms in the national core of its CN2 project, continuing to build upon previous deployments as part of its CN2 expansion plan.

"CN2 is a completely separate network from the legacy 'ChinaNet' infrastructure," said Eric Yu, vice president of Greater China for Juniper Networks. "While China Telecom continues to operate its older network, the vision for CN2 requires more advanced and innovative technologies. Boosting the Juniper core routers with upgraded capacity allows CN2 to continue meeting China's fast growing need for next-generation IP infrastructure."

Juniper Networks is the sole routing provider for the core of CN2, as well as other key segments, with T640, T320 and M320 routers underpinning both the national CN2 backbone and eight South China provincial backbone networks. China Telecom created CN2 in 2004, utilizing Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) to offer a wide variety of advanced IP services including Virtual Private Networking (VPN), high-quality IP voice and video streaming.

The Juniper core routers support IPv6 addressing, fine control over network traffic routing, quality of service and third-generation (3G) mobile applications for China Telecom's mobile subscriber base.

The M- and T-series platforms deliver advanced high availability features, such as Graceful Restart and Fast Re-route, with the modular JUNOS operating system for complete fault-tolerance and scalability. The high-performance routing platforms provide high density aggregation at the network core with support for Gigabit Ethernet, SONET/SDH and other high-speed interfaces.


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