StrikeForce Technologies has inked a deal with China's Shanghai W-Ibeda High Tech Development Corporation Ltd, for the distribution rights of MPAS, a new Mobile Phone Authentication System to be distributed through China's largest telephone carriers to help prevent identity theft.

China's mobile phone population is estimated to be over 400 Million users. StrikeForce and W-Ibeda already have plans in place to begin the project immediately. MPAS will be used for strong authentication for online banking, online gaming, and to authorize online ecommerce transactions.

China's Mobile giants will be offering these value-added services to consumers and corporations, leveraging the convenience of the mobile phone with secured, fast and user-friendly identity authentication services that helps prevent identity theft, at a competitive price.

"China's mobile phone industry is exploding with opportunities, especially in regards to leveraging the Internet for consumer transactions. StrikeForce's innovative technology provides the market with a user-friendly and highly secured means to conduct authentication over the internet. We are confident and optimistic that MPAS will be a widely accepted solution for the prevention of Identity theft by China's expanding user population," says Li Yin, CEO of W-Ibeda.


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