A survey conducted by Beijing Zhongguan Economic Survey Company shows that more than 80% of Chinese support mobile phone real name mechanisms, which may come out at the end of this year.

The real name system will require each mobile phone activation to be hardcoded to a real person. This means when a consumer purchases mobile phone services, they will need to show legal identification.

However, about half of those surveyed are still worried that the new mechanism will bring trouble to their privacy and communications security.

In order to restrict illegal short messages and various unwanted messages, China's Ministry of Information Industry will issue a management measure on short message service by the end of this year in which the mobile phone real name mechanism may be included.

Currently, China has about 200 million non-real name mobile phone users. More than 80% of them say they would like the real name mechanism to be adopted and over 60% of them believe the mechanism is useful for limiting spam messages and various other unwanted messages.


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