A consumer surnamed Rao in Ningxia has filed a lawsuit against Ningxia Mobile for illegal wireless value-added services charging.

Local media report that Rao accused Ningxia Mobile in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of charging extra fees when it charged him CNY0.3 in July 2006 because he did not meet the minimum contractual consumption for that month. Rao says he did meet the minimum requirements, but Ningxia Mobile intentionally transferred three calls he made on the last day of the month to the following month.

Rao is also accusing Ningxia Mobile for not keeping its promise of double refunds for any error in calling fee, unilaterally adding value-added service to users' accounts without their approval, and refusing to provide WVAS service after receiving payment.

Ningxia Mobile says that Rao misunderstood the relevant rules and they have not been involved in any of the illegal behavior. The case is being processed at a Ningxia Court and a decision should be released in a few weeks.


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