China's Ministry of Science and Technology has unveiled five priorities it will help push in software innovation in the 11th Five-Year Period.

With the rise of foreign software competitors entering the China sector, local and national government departments in China are worried about the effect it will have on domestic enterprises. The priorities were laid out this month at the National Working Conference on Software Innovation and are expected to make domestic companies more competitive in the global market.

MOST's first priority is to increase research in software innovation and its commercialization. Second, it plans to promote innovation and commercialization of software by optimizing market resources and addressing applications in major sectors.

With many new technology standards being developed overseas, the third priority is to enhance research into frontier technologies and develop basic software to be better positioned in future innovation. Companies like Microsoft, Siemens, HP, Motorola, and Google have also arrnaged their own R&D facilities in China, and MOST says its fourth priority is to promote management innovation and improve the R&D environment among Chinese companies.

Finally, MOST plans to develop innovative and talented people and implement human resource development strategies. As China moves slowly to a knowledge-based economy, human resources will be key for the future.


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