Zhang Xiaoqiang, deputy director of China's National Development and Reform Commission of China, says the NDRC will work on five areas during the 11th Five-year Plan Period in order to speed up the construction of an innovative nation.

Zhang says that China will first draft new policies for the IC, digital television and biology sectors and further implement related rules for their respective long-term development. A comprehensive digital television policy will also soon be unveiled to help promote domestic technologies in this area. Though a draft policy will be issued this year, full implementation should not occur until about 2010.

Second, China will implement high-tech development planning as well as other self-innovation plans. The goal for this planning will be to create more domestic intellectual property so that the use of foreign goods and services can be decreased.

Third, China will construct 12 technology infrastructure projects and 100 national project labs, and improve 100 national project centers and support the construction of 300 state certified technology centers.

Next, China will organize the construction of some major projects, initiate seven new high-tech industrialization projects and push forward the research and development of 16 main equipment projects.

Finally, China will carry out open and innovative strategies, actively promote international cooperation and participate in international exchanges.


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