Yu Wen, a deputy to China's National People's Congress, has put forward a proposal for the Chinese government to create better laws for netcafe management.

Speaking about China's netcafe management, Yu says that although China has made some regulations to regulate netcafes behavior, most of these regulations are provisional and lack a unified legal basis. Yu suggests that the government regulate netcafes through better legal means and lead them to healthy development.

Some of the current rules regulating netcafes in China include asking them to check users' ID cards and closing their doors before midnight.

Yu also points out that as a burgeoning industry in China, netcafes, and their related facilities, still need to be improved.

China's Constitution stipulates that all power in the People's Republic of China belongs to the people, and the organs through which the people exercise state power are the National People's Congress and the local people's congresses at different levels. The NPC is the highest organ of state power. It exercises the state power of amending the Constitution and supervising the enforcement of the Constitution; enacts basic laws of the state; elects and decides on the choices of the leading personnel of the highest state organs of China, including the President and Vice President, the choice of the Premier of the State Council and other component members of the State Council.


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